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You have entered the Halls of the Viridian Brotherhood, one of the last bastions of hope and light left in these dark times.

We are an RP oriented guild comprised of a various group of classes and styles with the central goal to enjoy ourselves and help our members out with any issues they may have.

We strive to run Flashpoints as often as we can, PvP warzones when requested, and provide our members with any assistance they may need.

If you wish to join the ranks of the Brotherhood remember one thing: We are always accepting members but there is no tolerance for Racism, Trolling, or Disobedience to Senior Members. These will be dealt with severely and quickly.

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Guild News


BrinnStarlighter, May 15, 12 8:54 PM.
We have merged with the Galactic Runners.  What does this mean?  We've got to get the rest of you invited.  Send Brinn, Thaldor, or Daemyun a tell and we'll get you invited.  All are welcome.  This means you have larger amounts of people to team with, a better guild bank, and more!

New members, Guild bank, and other news

Thaldor, May 7, 12 9:25 AM.
The last 2 weeks have been quite the busy one for our order. We have added quite a few new members, and I would like to welcome them to the Brotherhood.

Also, the guild bank is live and already quite stocked, so much so its actually about to be full! We will be saving up to purchase another vault, and would be greatful for anyone to deposit into the bank so that we can reach our goal of 1 million credits. I would also like to remind everyone of the rules of the bank.

Continue recruiting!

Lord Commander
Thaldor Aeramin

Recruiting Etc

BrinnStarlighter, Apr 24, 12 9:19 PM.
Going on a recruiting drive.  Also, we do have an Imperial Alts Guild.  I'm not big on the Imp side but the Bounty Hunter isn't bad so we figured we'd make an alts guild.

General Brinn Starlighter

1.2 Update Coming Soon: What this means for the Guild.

Thaldor, Mar 16, 12 9:14 AM.
We are approaching the anticipated 1.2 update. What does this mean for you as a member of the Viridian Brotherhood? It means a few changes, updated organization, and new policies. It will all be announced on the release of the patch. Look forward to it!

From the desk of
Commander Thaldor Aeramin


BrinnStarlighter, Feb 21, 12 12:31 AM.
We have a great bunch of people.  I want to encourage you to be more active and recruit.  We've had alot of fun thus far, especially in pre-launch and launch.  There is no reason it can't continue.  Let's do it folks!
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